Who We Are

Organi Green


Organi Green Farm was established in 2013, with the aim of creating a green and healthy environment and a center for sustainable farming based on organic agriculture, in view of the growing demand for healthier food and a healthier lifestyle. The farm covers an area of 4 hectares , in which we grow vegetables under sheltered structures (greenhouse and net house), vegetables in open fields and a variety of exclusive fruits, all grown organically.
There is also a livestock farm with a chicken run for organic, eggs farm, a fishpond for breeding freshwater bass, an organic goat pen and an adjacent milking parlor producing top quality and healthy dairy products.
Agricultural activities at the farm are divided as follows:
♦ Some 1 hectare of organic greenhouse vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, etc.
♦ 1 hectare of open fields for vegetables, leafy greens and herbs
♦ A nursery producing organic vegetable and herb seedlings
♦ Around 0.5 hectare of orchard, with 150 fruit trees of 30 different kinds
♦ 500 laying hens in an organic, free range hen house
♦ 80 dairy goats and milking parlor
♦ A vineyard for organic wine production
♦ An organic compost site
♦ A site for the production of gas from agricultural waste
One of the objectives of the farm is to teach agricultural know-how to the younger generation. The farm will host students from the regional high schools for a practical learning experience in the unique greenhouse, for the purpose of studying, carrying out final projects and experiments in biotope work.
In addition, all the farm’s organic products are sold in Berta’s Organic Shop, at the entrance to the farm. Customers can buy fresh and healthy produce at a lower price, with no middlemen, straight from the farm to the customer.


Ben Gurion exhorted us to make the desert bloom and served as a personal example when he resigned from the government and went to live in Sde-Boker for 14 months.
As part of his efforts to make the wilderness bloom, Ben Gurion called for absorbing immigrants and settling in the Negev.
The farm was established by Green 2000, an international company setting up agricultural projects and agricultural training centers in many countries around the world.
Rafi Dayan, owner and CEO of Green 2000, founder and first CEO of R&D Arava at Hatzeva, has over 30 years’ experience in planning, establishing and managing agricultural projects in Israel and worldwide.
The farm was established with the aim of maintaining sustainable agriculture, passing on knowledge to the following generations on different issues in the field of agriculture, fruit and vegetable crops, and livestock.

The farm is managed and maintained by a professional staff, who guide the groups coming for tours to the farm.


The visitors center includes:
✓ Excellent air conditioning
✓ A coffee and refreshments area with tables and chairs
✓ Comfortably seating for up to 80 people
The fishpond – The fish breeding system – aquarium displaying the fish, including simulated demonstration of the water filtering system.
Goat pen – A large herd of goats and we will shortly begin milking and producing milk, cheese, yoghurt and other goat milk products.
Hen house – Built with a transparent wall so that it is possible to see the hens without being in contact with them, which prevents the transfer of undesirable bacteria – in both directions.
Vineyard – Has already produced a first harvest of grapes for Israeli wine from Emek Hefer – kosher lemehadrin.
Orchard – Fruit trees producing fruit throughout the year.
Berta’s Organic Shop – Selling a variety of products in addition to the fruit and vegetables from the farm and local residents enjoy organic produce freshly picked every day.

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